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Fiona Leslie 

Natural Therapist and Host 

Fiona is a dedicated and experienced therapist, qualified in Holistic Massage, Hot Shell Massage, Indian Head Massage, EFT, Holistic Facials, Reflexology and Reiki. She worked as a therapist at Neal’s Yard Remedies in Edinburgh for several years. Running Seasyde House means that Fiona is now more home based and practises from her authentic Mongolian Yurt in the garden, where she loves to help people to relax and improve their wellbeing. 

Fiona began work as secretary to the Manager of The Ritz Hotel in London followed by being an assistant in the Doll and Teddy department at the auctioneers Christie’s, but always had an interest in alternative therapies and their benefits.  After bringing up three boys Fiona realised that balancing the demands of family, career and life can be difficult but putting time aside for yourself is both vital and essential for your wellbeing. She is passionate about helping others to better health through her therapies and life experience. She is a wonderful host and will make your stay at Seasyde House a very special experience.

Mary Monro  

BSc (Hons) Ost, MSc Paed Ost, FSCCO 

Biodynamic Osteopath

Mary is a highly skilled and experienced osteopath who offers gentle, effective osteopathy for people of all ages and animals. She likes to get to know patients and what you are going through in your life, so that she can support you to better mental and physical wellbeing. As well as hands-on treatment, she brings her deep knowledge of health to listen and help you to think things through, identifying lifestyle adaptations to help you improve and protect your long-term health. 

Mary qualified as an osteopath in 1999, winning the Silver Medal as best student in her year. She gained a Master’s degree in paediatric osteopathy in 2009 and has devoted most of her professional development to honing her skills in biodynamic and cranial osteopathy. She is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy, the British Association for Performing  Arts Medicine, the Association of Animal Osteopaths, and is a Fellow of the Sutherland Cranial College of Osteopathy. She has published osteopathic research in a peer reviewed journal and also enjoys creative writing. Her biography/memoir about her father’s heroics in the Far East in World War 2, Stranger In My Heart, was published in 2018. She has also written a novel about her pioneering great aunt and is hoping it will be published soon. 


Poppie Vincent macLachlainn 


Naturopath and Osteopath 

Poppie uses her comprehensive knowledge of natural health care to choose the treatments most suited to the individual at that time in their life. She has a wide range of skills at her disposal, including nutrition, western medical acupuncture, herbal medicine, homoeopathic first aid and osteopathy. She aims to work with you to achieve health and pain free status as quickly and cost effectively as possible, but in a way that fits in with your busy lifestyle. She is committed to helping you find lasting health rather than just a quick fix. 

Poppie trained as a naturopath over 25 years ago in New Zealand and Australia, where she worked until she left to follow her Scottish husband to sea. After working at sea for 8 years, she moved to the UK and gained a Master’s degree in Osteopathy, graduating with first class honours. She set up her own practice in the Portobello area of Edinburgh and in her spare time she grows medicinal herbs in the garden behind the clinic.  


Evy Koutzas 

Yoga Teacher and Mobility Coach

Originally from Chicago, Evy is an inspirational yoga teacher and mobility coach based in Dundee, Scotland. Her teaching is informed by 15 years of practice, 11 years of teaching, and a commitment to ongoing learning. Her trainings include power vinyasa, restorative, and yin yoga, with additional certification as a mobility specialist. As a teacher, she strives to provide an inclusive and supportive environment – a place for people to gather, move, breathe, feel, and explore together. Spaces with a sense of community and belonging, with a heartfelt invitation for students to get curious about how their body moves and to explore a balance between effort and ease. Sometimes playful, other times precise and focused, others soft and gentle, she guides practice asking students to listen to their own body and move in ways that feel nourishing for them. 

Her joy as a teacher comes from holding a safe space for belonging and self-compassion, and guiding movement which invites students to come home to themselves and inspires them – in whatever way they need that moment. Evy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership, having worked in higher education for 10 years with a deeply-rooted mission centered in fostering community and advocating for others. 

Sarah Baldwin 

Make Up Artist and Educator

Sarah is a highly respected, sought after professional makeup artist and makeup educator. Over the past decade Sarah has worked on numerous fashion editorials, commercials and weddings. Sarah also has the pleasure to teach makeup, both to non-professionals and aspiring/existing makeup artists, which are 1-2-1 based, along with also running a worldwide online professional makeup academy.  

Sarah’s attention to detail, and art at having the eye to perfect any look, makes her and her work stand out from the crowd. She has the skills to not only apply makeup perfectly, but to make a person feel and look amazing, along with lifting their confidence. She understands that as we grow older we have different make up tastes, needs and issues. With her friendly, approachable style and her expertise to guide you, you will learn how to look your best, whether it’s for work or a special occasion. 

Katrino Indigo

Ceremony Guide

Katrino is a Scotland based yoga teacher, outdoor adventurer and the creator of Yogi Oils.  She has trained over 12 years, all over the world, in Yoga, Shamanism, plants and herbal medicines and continues to explore avenues to deepen her understanding of life and its challenges and processes so that she can support others on their journey. A regular retreat holder, ceremony guide, sacred plant crafting workshop sharer and a lover of her weekly yoga classes.  She has a deep passion for nature, the seasons and the plant medicine of Scotland and the world. Katrino explores and shares, from experience and knowledge, how we can use and tap into the symbolism and movements of the earth to aid in our understanding of us and our connection to all aspects of our human existence – spiritual and physical. Katrino will be leading a cacao ceremony on our first evening to create a deep connection within the group and begin our healing journey